Address Resolution Service

An address correction service makes every address in your database valuable.

Service Overview

ARS improves upon DPV® technology by using third-party databases to correct address data deemed undeliverable during the typical CASS™ encoding process. The service also appends secondary data, such as apartment numbers, that may be missing or incorrect.

Every address in your database is valuable. When USPS® CASS™ / DPV® processing find that your database contains undeliverable addresses, you can miss out on potential sales opportunities and important client communications. BCC Software’s Address Resolution Services will correct these addresses for you. Simply submit your undeliverable addresses through the Data Marketing Services, and the addresses that ARS can correct will be sent back to you.

With ARS, the rate of restored addresses averages 51%! Start utilizing our address correction service today.

See Your Potential ROI by Running Your Records Through ARS With Our ROI Calculator


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