Apple vs Samsung

Posted on May 10, 2017

Compare and contrast Samsung vs. iPhone

Samsung and Apple are the major smartphones manufacturing companies. The Apple companies are known for the production of the iPhones. The market is dynamic, and the demands for better phones with desired application for users are crucial in manufacturing phones. Samsung and Apple have studied the consumers’ desires and are working towards meeting the technological desires effectively, in the long run. The two companies analyze their previous products and their rival’s products to produce phones which seek to provide solutions to the challenges consumers have faced with the already existing products.  The users of the phones also have to make decisions on which phones to use, depending on the phones cost, formatting, applications, desired style of usage, phones' appearance and so on.

Features of both iPhones and Samsung phones are similar. They both have high-resolution cameras, Mp4, and Mp3 players. The phones can similarly be used to take photos, record voices, and record videos. Regarding internet connectivity, both phone types allow access to Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections. Both phone types enjoy similarly downloadable applications and app stores. In both phones, one can view missed calls, app notification, in the case of updates, and text messages.

Samsung and Apple phones, iPhones, use similar applications and have similar displays in their app stores. However, systems for the apps for both Samsung phones and iPhone are different. iPhone apps are of higher quality as compared to the Samsung's smartphones. Users of iPhones also have a broad range of app to choose. Samsung phones users can download and customize the kinds of apps they desire from a third a party, this enables Samsung phone users to enjoy services of apps not internally customized in their phones by the manufacturer.

The cost of a phone is important to the consumers. The cost dictates the type of phone to be used by an individual. The cost also determines a user's ability to upgrade to new phone brands. Samsung phones are cheaper than the Apple phones, for example, the cost of iPhone 7 is almost 20% more than the cost of Galaxy S7. The cost though is not a threat to Apple or its customers; most people are not ready to learn new products and therefore will stick with their initial phone brands.

The size of phones is important in decision making in acquiring phones. Most Samsung phones are wide and cannot easily be handled with one hand as compared to the iPhones. The Apple phones are thinner and have a moderate screen size to enable users to handle the phones easily. The size is a disadvantage if it comes to portability of Samsung phones but if it comes to browsing web pages and watching movies Samsung phones has an advantage.

Galaxy series are designed with a plastic covering which enables users to swap batteries out easily; this can also help in replacing worn out batteries. The iPhones, unlike Galaxy series, are designed with aluminum and glass making the phones fragile. The plastic design of Galaxy series phones is advantageous in the case of rough handling; phones occasionally fall from hands or table tops to the floor. Samsung phones out of their design have higher pixel screens; this gives them higher resolution than the iPhones. Samsung phones have brighter colors, which is important to people with vision problems.

IPhone series do not have a Micro SD card slot; they only come in different internal storage capacities. Samsung phones have both mass storage and internal storage capacities. Samsung phones also have USB host capacities. The combination of USB host capacity and mass storage enables its users to access files from other electronic sources, e.g. computers, laptops, etc. Data can also be transferred freely and quickly to Samsung smartphones.  The operating systems of Samsung phones are compatible with third party browsers, e.g. Chrome, Opera and Firefox; this enables for synchronization of desktop and phones tabs.

Samsung phones operate on Android application systems while iPhones operates on IOS systems.  Android system was developed with the Google group and popular with Google map applications. The Google maps are beneficial to both pedestrians and motorists as they can easily navigate places they have never been before. The Google Maps app is also used by pedestrians to monitor voices in their paths and know how to avoid dangerous roads.  The Samsung phones also have Near Field Connectivity; this facilitates short range communication with other communication device users.

In general, Samsung phones are better than iPhones regarding application and features. The size of Samsung phones can be controlled by the manufacturers depending on customers’ needs.

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