DPV Processing

Make sure your mailpiece gets delivered with USPS DPV services. 

Service Overview

DPV® processing validates address information at the physical delivery point level. This will allow you to identify Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail prior to mailing, thus saving money by not mailing to undeliverable locations. It also includes LACSLink® and SuiteLink®DPV Processing

  • LACSLink processing updates addresses that have converted from rural-style to street addresses or street addresses that have been renamed or renumbered.
  • SuiteLink processing updates business addresses with secondary information when known.

While DPV processing is the highlighted name of this service – it actually includes three discrete, valuable services.

  • Delivery point validation processing is an important step in any pre-mailing process which enabled ZIP + 4® coding and identifies potentially undeliverable addresses by verifying that the address being processed matches to a valid USPS® delivery point. For each record in your list, we can provide critical information that either confirms the address matches a valid delivery point or tell you what might be wrong with it. For example:
    • 100 Main St Anytown TN 38138-6038 = confirmed
    • 104 Main St Anytown TN 38138-6038 = not confirmed in the instance that the USPS does not list address as a valid delivery point
  • LACSLink processing converts addresses that are changed by local governments for various reasons. In this instance, the delivery point remains the same and the residents haven’t moved, but the addresses themselves have been changed. For example:
    • Rural route to street style conversion (RR5 Box 234 becomes 5471 Apple Drive)
    • Renumbering changes (471 Main St becomes 1471 Main St)
    • Street name changes (987 Edgewater Dr becomes 987 Waterways Blvd)
  • SuiteLink processing appends suite (secondary) numbers to business addresses where available, increasing the delivery of your business to business mailings. It’s able to do this by matching your provided business name and ZIP + 4 to known USPS data.

Delivery point validation, along with LACSLink and SuiteLink, is done to improve the chances that your valuable mail piece is delivered. This ensures your mailing list is complete, accurate and current. Your mailings can then achieve maximum impact by reducing undeliverable mail. Take advantage of the DPV Confirmation Indicator from BCC today.