Email Verification & Hygiene Processing

Validate and correct email addresses before you use them.

Service Overview

Email Verification and Hygiene is a powerful process that’s sure to become a key part of your regular email marketing efforts. After you upload your email list, you’ll use our intuitive point and click interface to tell us a bit about your file. We’ll immediately begin checking each of your email addresses in real time and get your updated list back to you quickly. We return key data that falls into three categories:

  1. Basic Information – including confirming the existence of the email, individual address components, and how the email address is protected.
  2. Domain Information – identifies known disposable and vulgar domains, as well as suggests corrections for domains that may have been incorrectly entered.
  3. Address Information – can tell you about addresses that go to general mailboxes instead of individuals, identify disposable and vulgar addresses, and suggest corrections for individual email addresses that may have been incorrectly entered.

Email marketing is a critical component of any integrated marketing campaign as well as a powerful standalone tool. Some advantages seen in just 15 minutes of running this email cleansing service include:

  • Reduce email bounces by up to 90%
  • Reduce your chances of being flagged as a spammer
  • Maximize the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaign

The world of email changes at a rapid pace. Various formats, types of protection, and spam traps are all constantly evolving. Individuals also freely create new accounts for a variety of purposes. Since BCC Software uses real time validation, you get the absolute most up-to-date and reliable information. Like direct mail, the success of an email marketing program is dependent on a complete, correct, and current email list.

Email Verification and Hygiene