Your key to total data control and more mailing effectiveness.

Software Option Overview 

With the Enhanced Mail Merge/ Purge software option for BCC Mail Manager™, we’ve made it easy to take your list-control capabilities to impressive new levels—allowing you to consolidate multiple lists quickly, efficiently, and with flexibility you need to stay on schedule and on budget.

This option will help you maximize efficiency and satisfy your clients through its powerful technology which allows you to filter an array of address sources, merge records from multiple lists, purge addresses from others—into one clean, cost-effective file. All without sacrificing speed or productivity.

Don’t let near-identical records inflate your costs and dilute your data. Take control of your mailing lists with our Enhanced Mail Merge/Purge software option for BCC Mail Manager.

Software Option Features 

Processing Options: 

  • Merge Lists — combine lists to get a “Best Record” output file with no duplication
  • List Suppression — Select a list of names that will be identified, and removed from the final mailing list. Uses include:
    • Removal of records in a database of people who do not want to receive materials from you
    • Remove records from a mailing list you may have already communicated with regarding an offer
  • Intersect — take list data from many sources, and only include names from a pre-selected group of records
  • Work with many separate lists, or with one keycoded list
  • View matches before proceeding and decide on your own for sensitive mailings
  • Use selectivity to match only certain groups from a list or group of lists

Householding operations support multiple recipients at one address 

  • Customize name handling for multiples, such as The Smith Household, or Bob and Joe Smith
  • Choose behavior conditionally
    • Records with one name retain the original name
    • Records with 2 names have “First Name 1” and “First Name 2” + “Last Name”
    • Records with 3 or More have “The Last Name Family”

User-definable merge schemes 

  • Fuzzy logic allows control of matching based on percentage of similarity
  • Control which matching criteria are the most important
  • Specify matching features such as “numbers must be exact match”, or to “match nicknames”
  • Choose records based on list priority, record priority, date updated or most populated fields
  • Create your own match codes, and match indexes
  • Save schemes for reuse and consistent behavior

Post data 

  • Merge different fields from many lists into one record
  • Retain all data from the originating records combined into the new record
  • In separate fields, or combined into one large field

Output options

  • Create new combined mailing lists
  • Purge records from source lists
  • Write duplicate records to a new data file
  • Easily accommodate dissimilar list structures with no lost production time
  • Easily accommodate different field sizes