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Promise and Deliver with Data Preflight

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At BCC Software, we recognize how heavily customer retention relies on consistently delivering what you promise to your customers. But in a demanding industry, how can you ensure properly formatted, printed and addressed communication pieces every time?

Here’s where Data Preflight comes in­—a direct mail proofing software option available exclusively through BCC Mail Manager.

With Data Preflight, you can meet, and exceed, your customer’s expectations, plus save your company time and money in the process.

Data Preflight’s direct mail proofing tools ensure the quality of your data is spot-on before a single drop of ink hits paper. It works to proof all information so that addresses and personalization are correct and current, eliminating the need for reprinting on your end, and ensures) your customer does not receive mail that is UAA, or undeliverable as addressed.

It also eliminates the hassle of working with tedious expressions, indexes and selectivities to build accurately addressed and personalized items with a few simple clicks.

Considering how Data Preflight could work for your business? Here are some other key benefits of incorporating this option into your BCC Mail Manager software:

  • Reduces time spent on samples and sign-offs created based on customer criteria
  • Prevents printing outside of the designated area on mailpiece
  • Identifies incomplete records before printing
  • Prevents expensive errors due to overprint of copy on mailpiece
  • Prevents unexpected data conditions from creating imaging problems downstream
  • Easily incorporates into automated workflows
  • Produces detailed reports for analysis prior to machine setup

With Data Preflight, you are able to promise and deliver your customer the perfectly formatted printed materials they expect. It makes a big difference for their business, and leads to customer retention for you. Plus, it eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming quality assurance procedures that were necessary for ensuring correct mail pieces were sent off to the USPS®.
Contact your account representative to add this option to your mailing software today or to schedule a brief 30-minute one-on-one demonstration where you can see how this option can benefit your business.


Rooftop Geocoding Is Here

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By popular demand, Rooftop Geocoding is now available as part of BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services suite. With the release of Mail Manager version, Rooftop Geocoding is available for all Mail Manager and Mail Manager Full Service customers. Previously, Mail Manager’s geocoding feature was only available as part of the ZIP + 4® encoding process and returned the latitude and longitude of the ZIP Code only. That feature is still present, but now, thanks to Data Marketing Services, BCC Software can pinpoint accurate rooftop latitude and longitude coordinates to better suit your demographic needs.

Rooftop Geocoding can drastically enhance your direct mail initiatives and help you build better targeted marketing campaigns by creating profiles of your best customers and identifying where they live in relation where your product or service is available. Plus, you’ll avoid sending out mail pieces to invalid prospects that will not benefit from your business.

To use Rooftop Geocoding accurately, you need the latitude and longitude fields on your layout in addition to the Geocode Return Code field. As a bonus, Rooftop Geocoding also includes DPV, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® processing at no additional charge. More information on the Return Code values and definitions can be found in the June edition of the Mail Manager/FS User Guide, available on the BCC Software Customer Portal and installed with the software.

Once you’ve completed Rooftop Geocoding, do not encode the list again, as it will default to the previous geocoding results and overwrite the results of the new Rooftop Geocoding process. Rooftop Geocoding payment options include job by job invoice, prepaid credits, or a subscription service similar to the one available for NCOALink® processing.

The service is based on the combined intelligence of multiple sources for the most accurate and precise results. For more information on this new feature, please contact Data Marketing Services at 800-337-0372 or, for sales information, please contact our sales group at 800-337-0442.

Using PAF Management to Tackle Your ePAFs

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The PAF Management feature available within BCC Software’s Mail Manager (MM) and on the customer portal is a useful tool for managing your company’s ePAFs. It enables you to create or renew ePAFs, track the status, and edit/resend confirmation e-mails.

Read below for some helpful tips for using the PAF Management in your daily operations:

To Create or Renew ePAFs

MM – Go to Postal > Data Services > PAF Management, and click on “add” to create a new ePAF or highlight the existing PAF and select “renew” to update a PAF.

Customer Portal – Visit, select “create a new ePAF” in the upper right-hand corner or “renew a PAF” available in the row of the existing PAF.

Follow the screens to create the ePAF, which will send confirmation e-mails to all parties and add the entry to your PAF listing with the status of pending signature. Once the ePAF confirmation e-mails have been confirmed, the status will change to valid.

Please note: You are not notified when a PAF expires. However, the PAF Management tool does display expiration date and status, making it easy to track and/or keep your PAFs current.

Confirmed ePAFs

Remember: No ID means no ePAF confirmation.

Once an ePAF confirmation e-mail is confirmed, a PAF ID and/or Broker/List Admin ID will be automatically generated for each company. This can be seen by selecting “view” in the PAF Management. The ID can be located in the upper right-hand corner of the company details.

Also, in MM once the ePAF e-mail is confirmed, edit/resend will not be available and the status will be updated to valid.

Duplicated ePAF Entries

Any ePAF entries with a status of “pending signature,” can be deleted through the PAF Management tool ONLY on the customer portal, Simply select the entry under the “select all” column and click the “delete selected PAF” button. By deleting an entry, it will no longer appear in the PAF Management tool or on the Choose PAF screen in the DMS Wizard.

For further information on the PAF Management tool, please call the Data Marketing Services department at 1-800-337-0372.

PCOA Processing coming soon to BCC Mail Manager

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15% of the US population moves on an annual basis. But did you know that 40% of movers do not file a national change of address (NCOA) notification with the USPS®? Whether people forget in the chaos of moving or intentionally do not file a change of address in an attempt to not be located, the fact remains that a number of moves simply can’t be found by running the NCOALink® process alone.

BCC Software’s Proprietary Change of Address, or PCOA, processing captures information about household moves from multiple sources like magazine subscriptions and credit card companies. This data is all combined into a master database that your list is compared to. For each match, you’re provided the new address along with a variety of supplemental data like the move date and type of move.

The most effective use of PCOA processing is to run it after CASS Certification, but prior to NCOALink® processing.  NCOALink® processing still needs to be the last step in the address quality journey to ensure you are compliant with USPS Move Update regulations.

For more information on PCOA and our address quality services, please contact customer support at 800-624-5234.

Top Social Posts for June

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If you’re not following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you’re missing out on news and information about BCC Software and important, real-time industry news. Here are the three most popular posts from June:

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Stephen Asks Mailers to “Lien In” and Learn about Innovations in Mail

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Vicki Stephen, Director, Mailing Services, New Products and Innovation for the U.S. Postal Service, joins BCC Software’s monthly webcast June 28.

This month BCC Software is pleased to announce the June installment of the “Lien In” webcast series will feature Innovations in Mail, presented in part by Vicki Stephen, Director, Mailing Services, New Products and Innovation for United States Postal Service®. In her role with the USPS®, Stephen is responsible for developing new products and integrating technologies to increase the effectiveness of Direct Mail as a marketing channel.

Stephen will join company president, Chris Lien and Ed Wong, Product Marketing Director, Commercial and Industrial Printing at Ricoh, USA, Inc. for an educational webcast on June 28th, 2017 beginning at 11 a.m. EST.

This presentation is free and open to both BCC Software customers and non-customers. Register today here.

A study by the Boston Consulting Group says that by 2020, total advertising spending on mail will increase to 12 percent. Paired with the fact that advertising mail has a 16 percent median ROI for businesses – better than email, social media, and even telemarketing  – means the print and mail industry must continue to look for ways to satisfy eager marketers.

“Direct mail overwhelmingly has the highest response rate and overall ROI among marketing tactics thanks, in part, to innovative printers, mailers, and new technology,” said Lien. “Now is the time to be on the cutting edge and test trends in variable printing, color, tactile substrates, emerging technologies and more. Both Vicki and Ed can help mailers and printers learn about the valuable USPS commercial mailing promotions, which will allow more and more businesses to take advantage of savings while experimenting in trends.”

About the Panelists

Vicki Stephen: Stephen works actively with marketers, mailers, and printers to drive overall value of mail and leads efforts to incorporate technology with mail, encouraging mailers to link physical mail and digital experiences, and leading development of tools such as “Irresistible Mail.” Her team manages a variety of new business pilots and prototyping efforts. Stephen worked as a Brand Director, managed Engineering & IT functions, served as a Plant Manager, and field engineering roles.

Ed Wong: Wong has spent 25-plus years in the industry, including 17 with Ricoh USA, and is an expert in product marketing for production print, including go-to-market strategies, product launches and taking action based on the voice of the customer.

Lien In brings hundreds of professionals in the print and mail industry together for a monthly educational webcast. Launched in January 2017, these free broadcasts have covered topics ranging from the Mailer Scorecard to staffing in the current era of direct communications. Click here to register for Lien In.

About BCC Software, LLC: Based in Rochester, NY, BCC Software creates innovative postal software solutions and provides extensive data marketing services. The company was founded in 1978 and employs approximately 80 people. More information on BCC Software can be found at or by calling 800.624.5234.

BCC Software Media Contact: Shawn Ryan, Vice President, Product Strategy,, 585.341.3357

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Top Social Posts for May

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If you’re not following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you’re missing out on news and information about BCC Software and important, real-time industry news. Here are the three most popular posts from May:

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Avoiding Scorecard Errors Using BCC Software’s MID Management

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With scorecard issues becoming more and more prevalent with PostalOne! our Customer Support teams have reviewed the most common issues. Increasingly, Barcode Uniqueness errors have emerged as one of the forerunners. BCC Mail Manager’s MID Management tool is used by everyone who generates Intelligent Mail® barcodes, but the tool is often misunderstood. Correct usage of this feature can make the difference between a scorecard full of errors and a perfect record. Barcode Uniqueness errors occur when you use the same combination of Mailer ID and serial numbers for more than one mail piece within a 45 day period.

MID management is designed to automatically assign and track serial number for every one of your Mailer IDs, to avoid repeats. It is accessible from either the BCC Mail Manager main menu or the Presort Summary Printing menu under Configure > Mailer ID Management. Each MID entry has three associated values. First is the Mailer ID, then the offset (which is the serial number last assigned for that MID) and lastly an Alternate MID, which is used when the first MID exhausts all of its serial numbers. When a Mailer ID is used in a mailing, the offset number for that Mailer ID is advanced to match the serial numbers that have been used. This is the basic method the Mailer ID Management tools employs to avoid duplicate serial numbers. Understanding how to set up each MID and how to read and use the offset will go a long way toward mitigating Barcode Uniqueness errors.

First let’s focus on the offset. As we mentioned this is the last serial number assigned by Mail Manager for the linked Mailer ID. Each time you generate serial numbers for a given Mailer ID, this number advances to the last one used. This allows us to use all of the unique numbers available to each Mailer ID, without overlapping. Problems arise when we reach the end of an offset. For a typical 9-digit Mailer ID, this occurs at an offset of 999,999 or when the number of pieces in the job will exceed the offset. When this occurs, the offset resets and serial numbers are assigned starting at 1. As long as it takes you more than 45 days for you to use all of the available serial numbers, you should not have any Barcode Uniqueness errors. However if you regularly mail more than a million records in 45 days, this can be the source of the problem. The only solution is to request an additional MID from the USPS. Once you have two or more MIDs it can be a struggle to manage which MID to use for which job. The Alternate MID system should go a long way to remove some of that struggle and extend the total number of serial numbers you can assign before repeating.

An Alternate Mailer ID allows you to chain multiple MIDs together so that you only need to enter one MID for every job, but can still enjoy the increased number of serial numbers available to you by having multiple Mailer IDs. BCC Mail Manager takes care of switching between MIDs and using all of the available serial numbers, before reverting back to numbers it has previously used. Whether you have two MIDs or 10, it is important to set them up correctly so that they can chain together and produce the desired results.

Alternate MIDs must be linked together so that they always loop back to the first MID. This is the most common issue we find when someone is using Alternate MIDs and still getting Barcode Uniqueness errors. The correct setup ties MID1 to MID2, MID2 to MID3 and then MID3 back to MID1. This pattern continues no matter how many MIDs you have, with each linking to the next and the last one linking to the first. This is essential so that the program advances through every available serial number, and then once every MID is used, it can roll everything back and start fresh. Here is an example of what that might look like for three MIDs in the Mailer ID Management window.

When you create barcodes using this setup, you only need to enter MID 900000001. This first MID advances up to 999,999 and then MID 900000002 is used on your mail pieces, without you needing to change the MID you enter in your IMB properties. This continues from MID 900000002 to 900000003. Once 900000003 is used up, it everything goes back to 0 and restarts with 900000001. This allows you to use all three million serial numbers available to you, without having to monitor the exact offset and adjusting your saved labels and templates each time one of the MIDs hits maximum capacity.

These quick tips for managing your Mailer IDs can go a long way to avoiding Barcode Uniqueness issues. As long as you have everything set up correctly, and have the correct number of MIDs for your mail volume, this setup should eliminate Barcode Uniqueness errors without forcing you to calculate and catalog every serial number used in every mailing

As always, please call customer support at 800.624.5234 if you need any assistance with this or have any questions.

Keep Contact Records Up to Date with BCC Software

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As your company grows and changes, there are times when BCC Software needs you to help us, help you. Changes in staffing, company-wide moves, and billing changes are key scenarios where we need to work together.

Did you know that if a former employee is not deactivated in our customer database, they may still have full access to your portal activity? Or, a current employee who has not been designated as either the product downloader or the admin role within the portal will not be able to download updates? Now that BCC Software has transitioned fully to eFulfillment, it is critical to review company role designations to avoid unnecessary and time-costing download delays. Take the time now to make ensure user roles are set up correctly by logging into your account on the BCC Software customer portal at and making any necessary changes.

Moving or making changes to your billing process? Need separate addresses for shipping and billing? These are common scenarios when it's important to update your contact information with BCC Software. Outdated and/or incorrect contact information could result in late payments or missed invoices that can negatively impact the credit worthiness of your company. If this applies, click here for our Official Customer Address Change form. Please be aware that BCC Software will not make any contact or address changes without formal notification either via the BCC Customer Contact Change Form or on your official company letterhead. Request for company name changes must be received on official company letterhead.

Keeping contact information updated is an easy way to maintain that business operations run smoothly. Together, we can work to minimize interruptions due to these common scenarios. Simply by letting us know when you make changes to your contact information, we can help you avoid these common scenarios and keep your focus on your business.

Rooftop-Level Geocode Processing Now Available Through Wizard

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BCC Software is excited to announce that Rooftop-Level Geocode processing is available in BCC Mail Manager, starting in version or higher, through the Data Services Wizard.

This great service offers:

  • Exact latitude and longitude of your addresses – coordinates are at the delivery point level.
  • DPV/LACS/SuiteLink® results
  • Same day turnaround
  • Several payment options available – Prepaid Credits, Subscription or Invoice

In order to get the most from this service, make sure to add the Z4, Latitude and Z4, Longitude fields to your list layout. Also, for further information on how the coordinates were found for each address, add the Geocode Return Code to your record layout, prior to creating the job.

Here are other ways that Rooftop-Level Geocoding can be used to improve your direct mail efforts:

  • Avoid sending mail pieces to invalid prospects (ex: window replacement deals to renters at apartment communities).
  • Identify where your best customers live so you can profile prospects that have similar characteristics.
  • Create profiles of your best customers as to where they live or where they live in relation to a retail outlet or other services.
  • Build better targeted campaigns for store openings and regional events.
  • Map locations in relation to where your customer lives and where product is available.
  • Identify the taxing jurisdiction or school district of your best customers.

The service is based on the combined intelligence of multiple sources for the most accurate and precise results. As part of our service, Census Tract, Block Groups, and Block Numbers are also appended. The USPS® uses information pulled from the last census and does not have the accuracy of our Rooftop Geocoding service.

BCC Software can help put your company’s direct mailing efforts on the map with our Rooftop Geocoding service.