New Homeowner List Rental

Locate new homeowners with unique, high value buying needs.

Service Overview

Experian’s New Homeowner Database is a rich source of new prospects that enables businesses to target offers to millions of Americans each year who are new to their neighborhood, have special needs, and are ready to establish loyal relationships. In fact, new homeowners spend more on home-related products and services within six months of moving than established residents spend in two years.

Data is compiled from public records including warranty and security deeds that are filed at county courthouses, giving the most recent and accurate homeowner information available. Other information such as loan amount, down payment amount or percentage, purchase price, loan, rate and transaction type, are also available on more than 70% of the file.

Experian compiles property data in more than 1,200 U.S. counties which equates to approximately 80 – 85% of owner occupied households. This overall coverage represents more than 83% of unrestricted U.S. households, and more than 97% of the households in the counties with metro areas of 1 million in population or more. While this provides your business with access to areas that are in high demand, Experian continues to listen to your needs and identify new markets to enhance coverage.

The New Homeowners Database provides name, address, telephone number (where available), and date of sale information as well as selections by geographic area (state, county, ZIP Code, or sectional facility). There are three states that restrict the compilation of property data for the use of marketing. These states include Kansas, South Dakota, and Montana.

Lists can be acquired for single or multiple time use. All lists include name and mailing address, with phone and email address available for some criteria.

Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New Home