Residential Delivery Indicator

Informed carrier choices, for improved postal savings.

Software Option Overview 

Juggling business and residential addresses in your mailing lists? Residential Delivery Indicator for BCC Mail Manager/LE/Full Service helps you take control of your data, quickly and easily, to get the postal discounts you deserve.

Our address verification software uses RDI™ technology designed and certified by the USPS®, Residential Delivery Indicator is smart — as a package shipping reference tool, and a business choice. It flags residential addresses that can cost you additional postage, depending on your shipper. Keeping “work” and “home” separate helps you make informed carrier choices, for maximum mailing economy.

The Residential Delivery Indicator software option allows you to better manage your list data, streamline your mailings, and enjoy reduced overall costs.

*Requires independent USPS® licensing. Separate fees apply. For more information, visit

Option Features 

  • Verifies delivery type status (residential or business) prior to shipping
  • Allows educated “rate shopping” for a delivery service that meets your needs
  • Enhances customer relationships through efficient, accurate shipping practices
  • Improves overall operational efficiency
  • Supports First-Class Mail®, Periodicals, Standard Mail® and Package Services