An Inside Look at a Bold Rebranding of the USPS

Here’s an article about what could have been when the USPS decided to rebrand. This article was originally posted by Wired in August 2014. An Inside Look at a Bold Rebranding of the USPS  

Postal release on September 7!

The USPS® postal release is here! The following changes are required for production beginning September 7, 2014: Mail.dat 14-2 Updated postage statements PS3541 PS3600 – FCM and Priority PS 3602 (R and N) PS 3605-R PS-8125 PS-8017 eSubmission – Update to Mail.XML 16.0A Presort enhancement – High Density and High Density Plus qualified pieces can… Read: Postal release on September 7! »

OMG – UAA and the USPS OIG

The Office of Inspector General for the United States Postal Service® recently published a paper on Undeliverable as Addressed Mail. And while much of the data contained therein is correct, its conclusion is enough to cause many in the industry to exclaim “Oh My Gosh!” Let’s first start with what was likely the intent of… Read: OMG – UAA and the USPS OIG »

Rooftop Geocoding Now Available

BCC Software Data Marketing Services is excited to announce that rooftop geocoding is now available through full-service automated batch processing. This service appends latitude and longitude at the rooftop level for both business and consumer addresses.  These precise coordinates can then be used to determine and compare distances for applications such as determining nearest retail… Read: Rooftop Geocoding Now Available »

Tech Tip: Labeling Lists

Now that the USPS® is releasing labeling lists on a monthly schedule, BCC Software has made enhancements to the BCC Mail Manager™ program to handle the new monthly tables. With the release of version (an update to the June CD), mailers are able to store multiple sets of Presort Data within the software. The… Read: Tech Tip: Labeling Lists »