Preparing for Seamless Acceptance

This article appeared in the May 2021 edition of NPSOA Magazine. You may have heard about Seamless Acceptance and thought it only applied to large mailers. While that has been true to this point, with the May 1 deadline for mailers with an authorized Detached Mail Unit (DMU) and July 1 deadline for mailers who… Read: Preparing for Seamless Acceptance »

Mail Sorting Consolidation Planned to Boost Postal Efficiency

Eighteen mail sorting facilities across the country are scheduled to be consolidated by November 2021 in hopes of boosting efficiency. Postmaster General DeJoy believes closing the facilities is financially necessary for the USPS®’s 10-Year Plan in which the organization hopes to fiscally break even in 10 years. However, there are speculations that these closures will… Read: Mail Sorting Consolidation Planned to Boost Postal Efficiency »

Mail Manager Security Update

Effective 4/22/2021, Mail Manager customers who upgrade to version will have updated encryption when transferring files to Track N Trace (TNT). What Changed?In a continued effort to make security is our highest priority, BCC has upgraded this file transfer method to ensure your mailings are highly secure while maintaining seamless integration between Mail Manager… Read: Mail Manager Security Update »