Address Quality

Complete, correct, and current address quality delivered when and how you need it.

Make the most of your customer and prospect communications BCC Software has the address quality tools you need to build a solid foundation for your communications.

Poor address quality due to data management practices can affect every area of business, as well as customers and prospects.

  • Returned mail equates to lost prospects, wasted and extra postage fees and cost of materials.
  • Customer invoices can be delayed, or possibly, never received.
  • Incorrect addresses on mailpieces can put your customers’ security at risk.
  • Customer satisfaction can be negatively impacted.

BCC Software has the address quality solutions you need to ensure that you are using best-in-class tools and best practices to make your campaigns effective and efficient.

Address Quality



A solution for address standardization and validation, Datavolve eliminates address data errors both in your existing address database, and in new addresses as they enter your system.



BCC ZIPFOURce lets you add to your front-end process what was once considered a back-office concern: address data validation, standardization and matching, seamlessly integrated with many Customer Relationship Management and Web-based database applications.


BCC ZIPFOURce Web Service

Looking to improve point-of-entry data quality with seamless ease and absolute minimum upfront costs? BCC ZIPFOURce Web Service can help. Based on BCC Software’s popular in-house API that augments CRM efforts with USPS® certified address standardization and updating, this Web Service utilizes the same BCC ZIPFOURce performance with new pay-as-you-go convenience and economy.


Data Marketing Services

With mailing costs, postal rules and pressure from competitors all on the rise, you need a trusted provider to deliver full-service Move Update technology, list-enhancing tools and more — with fast turnarounds that won’t impede your productivity, and low rates that pay for themselves quickly. Count on Data Marketing Services for the comprehensive resources to reduce waste, increase response rates, and make every mailpiece count.