The call for additional workflow optimization opportunities has been loud and clear.

Automating business processes is one of the biggest “to-do’s” on any manager’s list. With less manual procedures, work forces are unchained to help customers, make sales, create campaigns, or any number of tasks that are tying up time.

In mailing preparation processes, BCC Software offers a wide range of products designed to automate data-driven tasks. From data cleansing to system-wide integration, BCC Software’s automation offerings increase quality and reduce labor costs.

The scalability of BCC Software’s product line makes better automation a reality for companies of any size.


BCC Mail Manager Full Service

BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ is designed to exclusively meet the needs of premier-level mailers: high-¬volume operations requiring maximum flexibility in a powerful, all-in-one solution.

Integratec API Platform

Integratec API Platform streamlines data throughout the mail preparation workflow, lessening the need for manual intervention and optimizing efficiency in a three-module system.


BCC ZIPFOURce lets you add to your front-end process what was once considered a back-office concern: address data validation, standardization and matching, seamlessly integrated with many Customer Relationship Management and Web-based database applications.


A solution for address standardization and validation, Datavolve eliminates address data errors both in your existing address database, and in new addresses as they enter your system.