BCC Mail Manager LE

A high-performance mail management software solution for bulk mailing

Generate more revenue and improve customer retention with BCC Mail Manager, the industry-leading postal presort software backed by unlimited USPS® Mailpiece Design Certified support. BCC Mail Manager is a bulk mailing software solution with the most comprehensive Intelligent Mail® solution set available, helping you grow, improve, and maximize your postal discounts.

Start increasing mail productivity and deliverability while ensuring your direct mail is USPS® compliant. Reduce your postage rates and let BCC Mail Manager guide you through challenging postal regulations.

Features include intuitive workflows, easy integration, money-saving presort functions, and data marketing services integration. For high volume mailers, consider BCC Mail Manager Full Service for premier-level mailings.

Why Choose BCC Software for you bulk mailing needs?

BCC Mail Manager LE provides CASS™ software and PAVE™ software certified encoding, mail preparation, and presorting technology with powerful integrated list-management features, built-in access to Data Marketing Services and much more.

BCC Mail Manager LE mailing software is the leading choice of small and occasional mailers for professional-quality presort power at a price even a sole proprietor can afford. This entry-level professional mailing software solution allows you to presort mail jobs quickly and easily, within a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require an advanced degree to use. It can pay for itself in record time, too, thanks to the built-in economy made possible by encoding your jobs against the USPS® ZIP + 4® database — updated six times each year with every BCC Mail Manager LE subscription.



“While searching for postal software years ago, the customer service and support I received from BCC Software sealed the deal for me. They have maintained that same service to this day. This is one of the better decisions I’ve made in this job.”

– Stephen Miklosik, Elk Grove Graphics

"We’re really pleased. Switching to BCC Software was the right decision."

– Kerry Gradel, P.J. Green


CASS™ Certified

All Mail Manager options are CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified. This certification, awarded by the USPS, ensures the improvement of postal code accuracy, as well as delivery points and carrier route codes. In other words, CASS Certification ensures deliverable mail.

PAVE™ Certified

Want the most accurate mail presorting solution and the ability to save on postage rates? Look no further than Mail Manager, which is PAVE™ (Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation) certified. This means that Mail Manager presort software has been approved by the USPS and its Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) standards.

Data Marketing Services

BCC focuses on six main processes (Enhance, Target, Update, Integrate, Prepare, Measure) when it comes to data marketing services. This all work in cohesion to ensure you're getting the most value out of your budget and communicating with your target audience effectively.

Postal Discounts

Why pay more for postage? Mail Manager software actively searches for the lowest postage rates available for your data lists.

Microsoft Excel Compatibility

We like to make mailing easier for our customers, which is why Mail Manager is compatible with Microsoft Excel. This easy-to-use program effectively organizes your data, lists and more - a program you're probably already using!

Money saving presort functions

Mail Manager saves you money in a few ways. Minimizing postage costs through our advanced presorting functions is just one of those ways.

Integrated data services

List accuracy and data standardization is crucial for businesses. BCC offers data quality solutions to ensure communication to your customers and prospects is effective. Learn more on Datavolve, Automated Batch Processing, ZIPFOURce, Go Data and Track N Trace.


Track N Trace Reseller Options

Let your customers know their mailings are safe with the Track N Trace reseller option. This gives them the ability to track their Intelligent Mail (IMb) throughout the entire delivery chain on a secure, worry-free network. Custom branding is available!


eLOT® (Enhanced Line of Travel) processing gives you access to additional ECR (Enhanced Carrier Routes) benefits. This feature allows mailers to sort mailing in an acceptable carrier-casing order or sequence.


This can include newspapers, magazines, catalogs and other periodical publications that your customers subscribe to. In fact, periodicals can refer to anything that is printed on paper, at regular intervals (at least four times per year) and comes from a known publisher.

Residential Delivery Indicator

Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) is just another way BCC helps you increase postal savings. Our RDI address verification software, which was designed and approved by the USPS, lets you control your data and mailings more easily. Get notifications on addresses that cost additional postage, organize your list and more!

Monthly CASS™ Data Updates

CASS™ certification alone is no longer enough in the ever-changing mailing industry. With monthly CASS™ updates, you'll have the peace of mind that your mailing software is the most accurate and secure. Why settle for anything less?

How it works

Import your data through Microsoft mail manager. BCC Mail Manager LE is compatible with many different file types

BCC mail manager LE will analyze your data and take it through a unique data hygiene process

Prepare all mail for entry into the postal service, USPS and mail stream

All documentation is prepared for you and your mailing according to USPS standards and requirements

Send your mailings with confidence

Track your mailing for campaign measurement and ROI