BCC Mail Manager LE™

Oops! We’re sorry, the BCC Mail Manager LE™ page no longer exists. You have been directed to this page because BCC Software is no longer selling new licenses of BCC Mail Manager LE.

Are you a current BCC Mail Manager LE customer?

No need to worry – BCC Software is continuing to support existing customers who have BCC Mail Manager LE. Your software is being maintained and updated. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-337-0442 or send us a note. 

Are you looking to upgrade your current mailing solutions? 

For anyone looking to upgrade their current mailing solutions, we invite you to explore our new Bulk Mailer® SMB presort desktop software package or our enhanced BCC Mail Manager™. Not sure which is the right fit for you? Our chart below will help guide you to the best software solution for your business.

Which package is right for you?

Average Mailing Size Less than 10,000 pieces More than 10,000 pieces
Number of Mailings Per Month Less than 30 per month More than 30 per month
Amount Mailed Per Month Less than 200,000 pieces More than 200,000 pieces
Types of Mail Standard, First Class, Periodical Parcels, Comail, Bound Printed Matter, Parcel Select, Library, Media, Manifest, etc.
Level of Automation No automation with other programs Some integration with other programs
Type of Addressing Equipment Desktop Addressing printer (Small), Laser printer, Windows printer drivers Console Addressing Printer, Digital Press, Non-Cartridge based Inkjet equipment
Number of User Defined Fields 22 or less More than 22
Ease of Use Expectation Wizard-based, higher ease of use, medium functionality More powerful and flexible solution with higher functionality
Best Choice for You Bulkmailer SMB BCC Mail Manager