BCC ZIPFOURce Web Services

Real-time, web-hosted, address quality with pay-as-you go convenience.

Product Overview

Looking to improve point-of-entry data quality with seamless ease and absolute minimum upfront costs? BCC ZIPFOURce Web Service can help. Based on BCC Software’s popular in-house API that augments CRM efforts with USPS® certified address standardization and updating, this address validation web service utilizes the same BCC ZIPFOURce address matching software performance with new pay-as-you-go convenience and economy.

Utilizing an online callable interface, CASS Certified™ BCC ZIPFOURce Web Services uses the latest USPS® ZIP + 4®, DPV® and LACSLink® data to parse, look up, correct and standardize United States address data in real time. Single and batch encoding are both available, and the service will even adjust names entered for proper casing: all caps or no caps, no problem.

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Product Features

  • CASS™ Certified
  • Single or batch encoding
  • USPS® ZIP + 4®, eLOT®, DPV®, and LACSLink®
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Area Code/Time Zone information
  • SuiteLink™