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Get more for you and more for your customers with a free 30-day test drive, three free months of BCC Mail Manager™ and free Mail.dat.

More for Your Customers Without More from Your Staff

The business of offering postal services to your customers is changing. Want to improve the services you offer customers but need to make improvements seamless to your staff?

Test Drive Mail Manager
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For a limited time, we’re offering a free 30-day test drive of BCC Mail Manager. And just for test driving our latest release, we’ll give you Mail.dat and three free months* of this powerhouse solution.

Upgrade Now to Reap the
Benefits and Unlock Robust Options

Put the power of Mail Manager in your hands with the easy-to-use Bulk Mailer interface you know using our new dual interface. We even have a transition tool to transfer your important data into Mail Manager from Bulk Mailer Pro.

Why Upgrade to Mail Manager?

Trial Mail Manager now and upgrade, and we’ll give you mail.dat and three additional months on your contract free*, just for trying the software and providing your feedback.

Mail Manager offers more features, more power, and more flexibility.

Watch video walkthrough
Automate repetitive tasks, entire jobs, or batch processing
Increase throughput with parallel job processing
Consolidate disparate workflow steps using expressions
Reduce repetitive setup tasks with templates

Frequently Asked Questions

The interface is very close to the Bulk Mailer interface that customers like you love. As a Bulk Mailer customer you will be able use the software in minutes!

Some configuration is needed. We have created a transition tool for existing Bulk Mailer customers to get your important data into Mail Manager.

When and if you want to interact with the Mail Manager backbone, our support techs (and a whole lot of documentation) are ready to help you with the Mail Manager platform.

* Mail Manager 30-day free trial is available for trying Mail Manager. To be eligible for the three additional contract months, you must purchase an upgrade from Bulk Mailer Pro to Mail Manager and provide product feedback during the trial. Three additional months of Mail Manager are added to your Mail Manager contract at the end of your 12-month contract to equal a total of 15 months. Mail.dat is also provided at no cost for the initial Mail Manager contract period.

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