Buy Data Marketing Services via the Customer Portal

BCC Software is excited to announce a new easy-to-use, self-service way to purchase Data Marketing Services for customers – the DMS Store available via the Customer Portal.

Through the DMS Store, customers can buy credits directly – this means no more waiting period! Credits purchased through the DMS Store are immediately available for use. You no longer have to worry about running out of credits and delaying jobs. The DMS Store is open 24 x 7, so customers can re-order anytime.

Here’s how to order from the new DMS Store (skip steps 1-4 by going directly to

  1. Enter your login credentials into the Customer Portal
  2. Click on the “Services” tab.
  3. Under “Services Home” on the left-hand navigation, click on “Data Marketing Services”
  4. Click on “DS Store”*
  5. Click on the service you’d like to purchase credits for and enter the number of credits into the white and yellow table.
  6. When you are finished adding credits, click on “Proceed to CheckOut”.
  7. Complete the payment process. If you usually purchase via PO, this will be available to you. If not, you may use a credit card.

*If you don’t see the DS Store option, it may be because of your “role” in the Customer Portal. You must be a Customer Portal user with the “Purchaser” role or an Administrator. To be granted these permissions, please contact your company’s Portal Administrator or Customer Support at 800.624.5234.