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Catch up on the latest Lien In! In this broadcast Chris Huber, president of Virtual Systems, had this great insight into the ROI of automation.

 “Most service providers have a percentage of their work that has the potential for automation. Let’s face it. Direct labor is very expensive in the mail business. For service providers, mail rooms, in-plants, it’s likely the largest share of expenses on the P&L. The positive side of is that given it is so expensive, reallocating those funds to a higher and better use, you might be able to justify tens of thousands of dollars to do the automation.

“If your MIS (management information system) software has an API and if your presort software has an API, like in the case of BCC Software’s API tool, which is called Integratec, users can create fully automated workflows. … If you are a programmer, there’s a ton of things you can do, just to take the first step and wade into the water.

“Vinny’s company (Jet Mail Services) is very progressive in what they do and some of the automated workflows have been that way for five years. Some of the things we’ve done just in the last year or two with BCC (Software) are paving the path for even cooler things to come.”

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