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Improve Your Organization’s Efficiency with BCC Software’s Job Manager

Experience a powerful, comprehensive solution for maximum flexibility and productivity with Job Manager, available through BCC Software’s Mail Manager Full Service.

With complete automation, your company will get jobs done quicker and more efficiently, leaving you with more valuable time to focus on building your business, strategizing growth and training your team.

Plus, it won’t interrupt your current workflow—just improve it. Job Manager provides a complex and extensive automation with little needed maintenance from your team.


Key Features Include:

  • Receives and recognizes files
  • Runs jobs automatically
  • Supports a single watchfolder
  • Easy configuration
  • Provides a comprehensive log of job details and usage
  • Presorted labels and output can be unique
  • 24/7 automation with clear notifications
  • Can understand and run jobs with multiple file names

Meet Vinny Attenasio of Jet Mail Services, whose team was getting scorched with long hours and mounting jobs. Moving to BCC Mail Manger Full Service, Jet Mail Services went from a 45-minute procession time on jobs to 10 minutes, thanks to Job Manager.

What does automation mean for Vinny? A transformation in his company, a savings of valuable labor hours, and the ability to train his team to do more in the process.

Get started today. To find out more about Job Manager or request a demo, get in touch with us today.


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