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The “How Can We Help?” motto extends beyond just simply a friendly demeanor. It means understanding our customers, their needs, and the best ways to navigate the complex direct communications landscape.

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Joel Strunk from The Cleaning Authority talks about how partnering with BCC Software has saved his company $1 million a year.

Bill Prochaska from Suttle-Straus Inc. discusses how the BCC Software support team’s personal approach and quick response rate has allowed him to solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Kay Weit from ITP of USA discusses how BCC Software’s customer support team works with them to make operating the software a user-friendly experience.

Cheryl Oltman from bopi explains how BCC Software’s customer support team’s helpful problem solving has made a big difference for her business.

Eric Ernst from Arandell Corp. explains how the customer support team at BCC Software is exceptionally helpful regardless of your level of experience in the postal industry.

Dave Herring from SMS Direct, a BCC Mail Manager Full Service customer, explains how easy it is to work with BCC Software’s support team and how quick their response rate is when answering any question, big or small.

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