DMS ink

BCC Software’s service for Informed Visibility® improves delivery predictability and client satisfaction.

Track N Trace Delivers. BCC Software’s mail tracking service for Intelligent Mail barcode improves delivery predictability and client satisfaction

DMS ink (formerly Dayton Mailing Services), a family-owned and operated commercial mailhouse in Dayton, OH, has offered customers a full range of printing, fulfillment and mailing services for more than 25 years. A longtime BCC Software client, the company has used BCC Mail Manager™ presorting and list-management software products for more than a decade—and in fact recently upgraded to BCC Mail Manager Full Service, BCC Software’s top-tier software solution, when a steady trend of growth made the switch logical and cost effective.

Industry Trends

Another recent industry trend has involved the implementation of the Intelligent Mail® barcode, along with the enhanced services this new technology makes available. Natalie Bisnow, Data Processing manager for Dayton Mailing Services, knew this recent addition to BCC Software’s slate of data services would be of great value to certain clients.

“Our Track N Trace customers include insurance companies who are mandated by the state for certain delivery standards, or retail mailers with diverse national locations doing promotional mailings built around in-store sale dates,” Bisnow says.

With access fully integrated into all BCC Mail Manager products, Track N Trace can be easily used with presorted First-Class™, Standard Mail® or Periodical mailings. The service assigns a unique ID for each mailpiece and includes that data in the Intelligent Mail® barcode that is printed directly on the address labels.

After the mailing drops, Track N Trace collects step-by-step  delivery information from postal facilities on the pieces’ delivery paths and maintains that data on a secure Web interface. Highly customizable reports can be generated or downloaded at any time. Closely monitoring the progress of a mailing helps gauge delivery effectiveness and predict future performance.

“It’s working very well,” Bisnow says of the service. “Before we had Track N Trace, it was a guessing game to predict delivery standards. Track N Trace has shown us that mailings are often delivered quicker than [expected]. After looking at the data, we’re able to adjust our drop dates and hit the in-home targets more effectively.”

Useful Services

The usefulness of BCC Software’s service for the Intelligent Mail barcode is improved further with a Track N Trace Reseller Site option, which allows BCC Mail Manager and BCC Mail Manager Full Service users the ability to present delivery scan data directly to their end-user clients via a website tailored to resemble the mail service provider’s own corporate site. Because the clients retrieve scan data themselves, the provider’s day-to-day responsibilities are reduced—ensuring greater convenience for both ends of the transaction.

“The reseller site takes the tracking out of my hands, so the customer can get their information directly,” Bisnow says. “The site is also user friendly, so customers have had no issues logging in and viewing their reports on demand. For a more hands-off approach, Track N Trace allows us to set up customer/project-specific automated reporting at scheduled intervals. This allows our customers to automatically receive scheduled reports immediately after Track N Trace processes the USPS® scans. This reporting has been invaluable in helping our customers hit their in-home dates.”

Transitioning to the Intelligent Mail® barcode in general, and Track N Trace in particular, was a relatively easy process for Dayton Mailing Services, Bisnow says: “The actual generation of the barcode is straightforward and intuitive … and our dataprocessing team had no problems with setting up Track N Trace. Once you know BCC Mail Manager, it’s easy.”

Comprehensive Customer Support

Any challenges they encountered in the switch to using the Intelligent Mail® barcode were resolved with the help of BCC Software’s comprehensive customer support system. “[Their] forums are really helpful—I can troubleshoot most of my problems on my own,” Bisnow says of the customer-exclusive online user forums that offer peer-to-peer guidance and a 24/7 resource. “I usually don’t call tech support unless I’m really stuck, and when I am they’re always able to help.”

Between the ease of implementation and the convincing results, it’s clear that BCC Software’s Track N Trace and the Intelligent Mail® barcode have proven to be a worthwhile path for Dayton Mailing Services as they pursue continued growth.