Data Marketing Services

Complete, correct, and current address quality delivered when and how you need it.

BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services offers full service data management and campaign execution services centered on the 6 core processes to marketing data management.

These 6 processes are instrumental in optimizing omni-channel communications.

Enhance – Add demographic, geographic and behavioral data points to your target profile so you can identify your best customers and prospects.

Target – Aim your marketing dollars at the most lucrative segments, maximizing campaign effectiveness and getting the message, channel and timing right.

Update – Old data is bad data. Keep your data complete, correct and current for increased response rates.

Integrate – Ensure a single view of your prospect or customer. Eliminate waste and lower the cost of communications.

Prepare – Create channel-specific personalization, take advantage of suppression and establish channel efficiencies.

Measure – Gain visibility into which communications are hitting their intended targets and use omni-channel response analysis to understand which marketing dollars are generating the highest ROI and where to spend the next marketing dollar.


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Integration Points

Data quality, address standardization, and list enhancement delivered when and how you need it.

To truly make the most of your customer and prospect communications, exceptional data and address quality is a must. BCC Software has the tools you need to build a solid foundation for your communications.

Effective communication is vital to every organization. Having poor data management practices can affect every area of business, as well as customers and prospects.

BCC Software has the solutions you need and stands ready to deliver them via a variety of technologies to best match your business.

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Robust, high quality services to power your communications.

With mailing costs, postal rules and pressure from competitors all on the rise, you need a trusted provider to deliver full-service Move Update technology, list-enhancing tools, and more — with fast turnarounds that won’t impede your productivity, and low rates that pay for themselves quickly. Count on Data Marketing Services for the comprehensive resources to reduce waste, increase response rates, and make every communication count.

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