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Delivering Cheer – The USPS and Alcohol Delivery

The landscape for shipping Alcohol directly to consumers has changed a great deal in the last 25 years.    In the 90’s, alcohol shipment was generally not allowed under both state laws and the Webb-Kenyon act.

Through legislation, ATF rulings, and the “21st Amendment Enforcement Act” the rules and regulations on the shipment of alcohol have relaxed significantly.

This has allowed certain shippers to create a new revenue by managing the intricate regulations and processes that are required to ship Alcohol directly to the consumer.

Looking to add to flagging revenues, the USPS now wants to be in the “Booze Business” Here is an interesting article from ABC that covers some of the highlights.

You should keep your eye on the emerging opportunity; and consider if you can add management of this type of product to your shipping, mailing, or fulfillment business.

Mitch Carpenter
Product Manager
Bell and Howell