Episode 23 – Industry Corner Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE: We discuss the June MTAC meeting, including comments from the PMG, some concerns about Informed Delivery, and a greater focus on address quality address change service

Episode 6 – Industry Corner Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE: This week we talk about the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), what was discussed during the meetings and what was not discussed, we'll talk about Pricing, Promotions, and Opportunities for Address Quality.

Episode 4 – Industry Corner Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE: News about Board of Governors Confirmations, an update on the President's Postal Task Force, and how Millennials are changing the way marketers are leveraging data to communicate to their customers.Announcements from USPS® HQ, Newly Confirmed Board of Governors, Industry Feedback on limiting of Marketing Mail, Compliance+ and Address Quality

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