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Enhanced Suppression Services Launched!

BCC Software is excited to announce Enhanced Suppression Services is now available.  Our new service provides even more accurate results due to our new data sources for deceased and business flagging.

Setting up and submitting jobs through BCC Mail Manager™ is exactly the same as it was before.  We still offer options to run Deceased, DMA Mail Preference Service (MPS), and Suppression Suite processing.  Our Suppression Suite now includes flags to identify Deceased, DMA Mail Preference Service, Prison Addresses and Business Addresses.

We have included a more robust business file, and thus business flags within our suppression suite will increase.  As part of this transition, we are no longer including college addresses, military ZIP codes, nursing homes, retirement homes, trailer parks, or relative input of another’s death as part of our suppression suite.  These flags remain the same, so there are no changes necessary on your end.

If you regularly use our suppression services, we thank you and we are confident our enhancements will add value to your business.   If you have not used our suppression services lately, now would be a good time to give them a try.  For questions about the enhancements, our Data Marketing Services team is available at (800) 337-0372.

We at BCC Software are continuously working to improve the products and services we offer and we appreciate your continued business.  Stay tuned for future DMS enhancements.