Integration Points

Data quality, address standardization, and list enhancement delivered when and how you need it.

To truly make the most of your customer and prospect communications, exceptional data quality management is a must. BCC Software has the tools you need to build a solid foundation to satisfy your communication needs.

Effective communication is vital to every organization. Having poor data quality management practices can affect every area of business, internally and externally. For example:

  • The success of marketing campaigns hinges on effectively managing the quality of the data. If you are running a direct-mail-only campaign, returned mail means lost prospects. If you are running a multi-channel campaign, impacts on lost revenue can be even greater.
  • Returned mail costs companies a significant amount of money in wasted and extra postage fees, as well as the cost of materials.
  • Customer invoices can be delayed, and sometimes never received.
  • Mailpieces sent to the wrong address can put your customers’ security at risk.
  • Customer satisfaction can be negatively impacted.

BCC Software makes it easy to remedy these issues through its data quality solutions. We are versatile and ready to deliver them in a variety of technologies to best match your business.


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A solution for address standardization and validation, Datavolve eliminates address data errors not only in your existing address database, but also for new addresses as they enter your system.

Full Service Automated Batch

Full Service Automated Batch

Automated Batch Processing is a fast, convenient way to perform address updating and mailing list enhancement tasks. Simply submit your list to BCC Software via a secure FTP site. Using our Data Marketing Services technology, File Processing will comb through, update and enhance your mailing list, usually in 15 minutes or less.

BCC ZipFource

BCC ZIPFOURce Web Service

Looking to improve point-of-entry data quality with seamless ease and absolute minimum upfront costs? BCC ZIPFOURce Web Service can help. Based on BCC Software’s popular in-house API that augments CRM efforts with USPS® certified address standardization and updating, this Web Service utilizes the same BCC ZIPFOURce performance with new pay-as-you-go convenience and economy.



Go Data

Go Data is a 100% web-based tool for performing data quality, list enhancement, and list rental. The intuitive, self-service interface means no software to license, no IT setup, and no hassles. We don’t collect, store, or sell your data – our secure site cleans and enhances your list or generates you a new one, returning it to you (usually within minutes!) for your own use.

track n trace

Track n Trace

Follow each mailpiece from the first scan to the destination scan with BCC Software's delivery tracking solution, Track N Trace, using the USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode data.