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Last chance! Pallet sale ends December 31

Palletization modules are available for trays, sacks, or packages. The modules print pallet placards (IM®cb) and allow compliant production of eDocs:

  • Trays– Reduce time spent organizing materials for manual sorts. The mail pieces are printed in pallet order, eliminating all the guess work.
  • Packages– Eliminate transportation and tagging of sacks, reduce labor, free up time for additional jobs.
  • First-Class™– Palletizes trays and flat-tubs of First-Class Mail® and supports Customer Supplier Agreements (CSAs).
  • Sacks– Organize sacks on pallets based on USPS rules.

Save money and increase efficiency by adding palletization.  The Palletization sale ends on December 31, 2014.   Discounts starting at 20% up to 40%, are based on the number of options purchased or have been purchased in the past.  Please call 800.337.0442 or email sales@bccsoftware.com for details.