Mailing Software

Powerful, reliable mailing software with expertise and support when you need it. 

Our comprehensive line of mailing software solutions optimize postage costs and increase end to end processing power.

We continually improve our postal software solutions to stay current with the latest USPS® regulatory rulings and also to add value to our customers.

The power and flexibility of our mailing software makes it easy to tailor a solution that fits into your current workflow or find efficiencies with a new workflow.





BCC Mail Manager Full Service

BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ is designed to exclusively meet the needs of premier-level mailers: high-¬volume operations requiring maximum flexibility in a powerful, all-in-one solution.

BCC Mail Manager

BCC Mail Manager™ slices through ever-changing USPS® red tape to provide dependable mail processing performance—easily adapting to changes in your business, and in the industry itself—while always delivering optimal mailing efficiency and economy.

BCC Mail Manager LE

BCC Mail Manager LE™ provides CASS™ and PAVE™ certified encoding and presorting technology with powerful integrated list-management features, built-in access to Data Services and much more.

Integratec API Platform

Integratec API Platform streamlines data throughout the mail preparation workflow, lessening the need for manual intervention and optimizing efficiency in a three-module system.


High-volume, variable-weight mailing operations thrive or fail on the ability to control efficiency, accuracy and economy. BCC Software’s cQuencer provides lightning-fast processing speeds, improves mailpiece delivery and postal reporting, and ensures the lowest possible postage costs.