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New Reduced Pricing on DSF2 Prepaid Credits!

The DSF prepaid credit packages have been significantly reduced in price!

DSF2 identifies ZIP + 4® coded addresses in the USPS® Delivery Sequence File as known addresses. In addition to supplying walk sequence data, DSF2 identifies vacant, residential, business or seasonal address information.

DSF2 can offer significant postage savings, such as saturation and high-density postage rates, which are among the most advantageous offered by the USPS. One of the easiest ways to take advantage of these savings is to run your mailing through DSF2, which appends Walk Sequence numbers to the addresses in a list, allowing you to claim these rates in your presort.

Additionally, the TrayMate 3 Printer and BCC TagIt Pro Software Bundle remain on sale for $995 through June 30, 2014!

The commercial-quality TrayMate 3 printer prints tags for First-Class, Periodical and Standard Mail® jobs. BCC TagIt Pro software generates pallet labels and barcoded tray and sack tags for virtually all mail classes.

If you’re interested in the DSF2 processing, or in seeing how the TrayMate 3 Printer and the BCC TagIt Pro software will fit into your daily routine, call 800.337.0442 or email us at Sales@bccsoftware.com.