Postal Software Solutions

Trust your mailing data workflow to BCC software's postal software solutions.

Our comprehensive line of postal products help improve your mail workflow by optimizing postage costs, improving data processing efficiency, and providing integrated access to our wide array of data marketing service offerings.

BCC Software is committed to keeping your operations and all of our postal products current to the latest USPS® regulatory rulings, like Intelligent Mail® Full Service.

All of our products are backed by our promise of “How can we help” with unlimited phone and email support, and training that can be customized to fit your needs.

Mailing Software

Powerful, reliable software with expertise and support when you need it.

Our comprehensive line of mailing software solutions optimize postage costs and increase end to end processing power.

We continually improve our postal software to stay current with the latest USPS® regulatory rulings and also to add value to our customers.

The power and flexibility of all of our postal solutions make it easy to tailor a solution that fits into your current workflow.

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Address Quality

Complete, correct, and current data delivered when and how you need it.

To truly make the most of your customer and prospect communications, exceptional data management is a must. BCC Software has the tools you need to build a solid foundation for your communications.

Effective communication is vital to every organization. Having poor data management practices can affect every area of business, as well as customers and prospects.

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Automating business processes is one of the biggest “to-do’s” on any manager’s list. With less manual procedures, work forces are unchained to help customers, make sales, create campaigns, or any number of tasks that are tying up time.

In mailing preparation processes, BCC Software offers a wide range of products designed to automate data-driven tasks. From data cleansing to system-wide integration, BCC Software’s automation offerings increase quality and reduce labor costs.

The scalability of BCC Software’s product line makes better automation a reality for companies of any size.

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Mail Tracking

Gain predictability, accountability, and visibility into your mailings.

Follow each mailpiece from the first scan to the destination scan with BCC Software’s Intelligent Mail® delivery tracking solution, Track N Trace®. You'll have access to USPS® IMb Tracing™ reporting technology and USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode data, delivered when and how you want it.

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Mail Printing Solutions

Dependable, efficient container tag printing solutions.

Traymate Printers and Tagit Pro software make a mailroom operation’s efficiency a priority.

The Traymate printer offers high speed thermal printing of 1-up tray and sack tags for maximum efficiency. No more tearing and sorting of sheet fed tags, and no concerns about running out of ink or toner. Industry renowned durability makes the Traymate an investment you can count on.

Tagit Pro makes label printing for mailing jobs especially easy. Load tag files from Mail.dat® or from presort software easily to print tags on the production floor. Need a single tag for over flow or to reproduce a pallet placard? No Problem, just select the right type of mail, enter the ZIP Code™, and print the tag. It’s that simple.

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