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Automation Maximized

With BCC Mail Manager™ technology, you have the mailing and presort software you need to enhance your operation’s efficiency and take advantage of postal discounts. Now, it’s time for automation. Job Manager, a BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ option, is the next step in maximizing your automation efforts. This hot folder application ties into existing TaskMaster scripts, giving users the ability to initiate jobs by simply dropping a file into a folder. Job Manager works to process jobs unattended, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to increasing productivity and decreasing costs, Job Manager has three other traits that make it an essential tool for any mail service provider:

  1. Dynamic script updates: Job Manager can make certain dynamic changes to your TaskMaster automation script, depending on the file that is dropped into the hot folder. For most customers, this means they do not need to develop any type of in-house application to make dynamic script updates.
  2. Email notifications: Job Manager has an integrated notification system that will send emails during processing. Users can set it up to have emails sent when a job starts, completes, or if it fails.
  3. Exit code: When a job finishes processing, an exit code is provided that will let the user know if there were any issues during processing. This feedback can be used to trigger secondary, or post-BCC Software, processes.

When we talk about the benefits of automation, we often lean on demonstrating an ROI by the amount of time saved in manual processing and increased throughput. But now, you can take it one step further by helping your customers improve their turnaround time and achieve higher accuracy rates, which work together to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns overall.

Maximize your automation power by contacting your BCC Software sales representative about upgrading to BCC Mail Manager Full Service™  and Job Manager today, and schedule a free demonstration to witness this powerful feature in action.