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Downloading BCC Software’s image files (ISO or UDF) via the Customer Portal really can be effortless.

Getting started means making sure that you have access to the BCC Customer Portal, and that your portal role is “Admin”. You can easily check your portal role by going to the ‘My Profile’ tab, and clicking the ‘Personal Profile’ link on the left-hand side of the page.

The image files replace the physical media shipped for general releases and data files. You may burn the images to DVD or CD and install them as you have in the past, or open them directly from your PC using a virtual drive. See Downloading Images in the General section of the Technical Documents portal page for more information.

Images are displayed only for the products that your company owns, so there’s no worry about getting the wrong products. Click the arrows to view or hide each product’s details. A sample page is displayed below.

Downloading images

  1. From the My Profile tab in the Customer Portal, select the My Product Downloads link from the left-hand column. The BCC Software products and options you currently own are displayed.
  2. Click the Download button for the product you wish to download. After you accept the license agreement, save the file.
  3. Browse to the saved file location. Once you have located the file, you may either copy the image to a DVD, or double-click to open it with the virtual drive software. The virtual drive mounts the image.
  4. For product images that use an installer, the installation menu is displayed. At this point, you are ready to install your software. Run the installer from the image as you normally would for your program.

For product images that do not use an installer, follow your software’s installation protocol.

If you have additional questions, please call Customer Support at 1.800.624.5234.