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Expand Your Options with BCC Software

Are your customers requesting presort services that you just can’t accommodate with your current BCC Software Mail Manager or Mail Manager LE subscription? For some operations, there is simply not enough demand for certain mail classes to justify purchasing the powerful sorting options for BCC Mail Manager.

To help you win more of these jobs and continue to grow your business, BCC Software offers presorting options through our Professional Services team for Bound Printed Matter, Parcel Select, Library Mail, Media Mail, and Customized Market Mail classes. Your business can deliver ‘one-off’ services for a nominal fee, making it affordable and fast with a 24-hour guaranteed turnaround time.

The process is as easy as completing and returning our Package Services Form, along with your list, to ProfessionalServices@bccsoftware.com. Once payment is received, BCC Software will process the presort, returning the list to you within a .zip file containing an updated copy of your BCC Mail Manager packaged list.

Our Professional Services Engineers are on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

If customers begin requesting these services more frequently, you can add any of these mail class options to your license at any time. With some of these options, the investment pays for itself in as few as four jobs. Contact your sales representative for more details.