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Go Data Solution Now Available!

“The only way to ensure timely, predictable, and ultimate delivery of a mailpiece is with a complete, correct, and current address.” This was the opening line of a post titled Address Quality Everywhere that Chris Lien, Vice President of Data and Postal Software Solutions wrote back in March 2013.

Today Bell and Howell is launching GoDataSolution.com to further increase the accessibility of data quality to your organization. Go Data™ is a 100% cloud based tool that performs self-service data quality and list enhancements.

Go Data eliminates the typical barriers like software installations, database configurations, and sales cycles. Just upload your list, choose the type of processing you need, set a few options using our intuitive interface, and checkout. Your job is processed and returned to the site for easy download.

Managing data quality for your postal, marketing, and sales efforts is easier than ever!

  • 100% Web Based – There’s no software to install, no FTP sites to configure, and no complicated configuration files to create. Just create a free account, upload your list, choose your processing type, identify a few key pieces of information using our intuitive web interface, and checkout.
  • Data Quality on Demand – Our process is entirely self-service. No need to call for pricing. When you’re done setting up your job, you’ll be quoted a set price and can check out right away with your credit card – no need to talk to a sales person.
  • Complete, Correct, Current – The three essential elements to true data quality. Go Data allows for maximum effectiveness of your efforts including reducing undeliverable mail and ensuring timely and predictable delivery of your message.

Barriers to managing the increasing flood of big data challenges are gone now that services like NCOALink® FSP, NCOALink LSP, DSF, DPV®, DMA List Suppression, Deceased Suppression, and the comprehensive List Suppression Suite now available in the cloud 24×7 from a trusted provider. No sales pressure, no working with IT to set up software. Just upload, select options, and checkout. That’s it! We’ll start processing your list right away. Most jobs are returned in a matter of minutes from our robust Data Services infrastructure.

You can get started today by signing up for a free account at GoDataSolution.com. We have a lot more planned for Go Data and I’d love to hear your feedback.