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Guest Article: Teaching Old Docs New Tricks

By Jeff Gary, Director of Business Development at Eclipse Corporation.

If your company is like most companies today, your enterprise document and forms software may be as old as some of your youngest employees and the features supported most likely don't support your current initiatives. You may feel like you are asking a Jack Russell terrier to be a police dog. No doubt the Jack Russell will make a lot of noise and sound vicious, but he won't have the same impact as a German Shepard. On top of that, you may be using one software for forms, one for checks and another for labels.

Teaching your old docs new tricks is most likely impossible (features are not supported) or costly (may require change orders to your line of business software or custom developed in the legacy document system). So what do you do when your boss says “I want Omni Channel delivery to our customers and our partners and I want it now! I want customer communications that are dynamic and relevant to each customer. I want to deliver documents and forms the way our customers expect them?”

Sit – Roll Over – Speak – Fetch

Omni Channel delivery is not as difficult or as costly as you might think. New software license models make it easy for companies with aging legacy electronic forms and document software to transition from the old docs software to the new docs software. License metrics are available by the document type. By the drink (per surface or per document produced), i.e. Per Document Type, Per Surface, Per Document (quantity), Per CPU, Per Server and Per Enterprise. Let’s take a look at the Per Document Type. Company A has hundreds of form, document and label templates currently in use with their Old Doc Software. The boss just came in and said, “I want our order acknowledgments to become a communication tool with our customers. I want to provide relevant communications and promotions using our existing order acknowledgment. When our customers place an order, I want to be able to mail, email, fax, or send the acknowledgment to their phone or tablet instantly.  I want it to be attractive and I want to up-sell them based on their interest and the items they just ordered.”

That Dog Won't Hunt

You have the task of telling the boss that your existing document software can't do what they want.  However, you know the boss is not going to accept NO for an answer. So you set off to figure out a solution. You check with your software vendor and find that your existing software is being sunset or has already been sunset or the company was acquired and to get what you want you will have to upgrade to their new product (not a newer version of the software you currently own). And you learn the new software costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This Dog Will Hunt

Then, you find DocOrigin and the vendor says you can buy a license for a single document type license for only a few thousand dollars. This new enterprise forms software can do everything the boss asks for and more, plus you see that companies like AT&T, GE Healthcare, Pella Corporation and McKesson are already using DocOrigin which gives you and your boss comfort. DocOrigin includes a single designer to create any forms, documents, contracts, checks and even labels and you can buy it buy the drink (by the document type or document volume). With DocOrigin you can continue using your BCC Software to take advantage of the most cost-effective options for postage and delivery.

For less money than the training on the legacy software costs, you get the software needed to design, generate and deliver the order acknowledgment via all the methods your boss wants. And in the future, you can convert the license to any license type you want and get a credit on the license you just purchased. So you start with a simple trick and your puppy grows into a world champion before you know it.


You are the hero, your boss loves the new idea and says, “Let's do this!  I want this in production in weeks.”  Your heart skips a few beats and you call the new vendor and explain the situation. With your current work load you do not have the time to get trained or create the new document.  The authorized DocOrigin vendor says they can help.  There are migration tools that reduce the time to get the new version of the order acknowledgment in production and save 60 to 90 percent of the traditional migration time of other products.

What Kind of Dog Is Right For You?

What kind of dog can do all the tricks you expect in the future?  DocOrigin is like having a Border Collie, a Retriever, and a Jack Russell Terrier all in one. Border Collies are smart, dynamic and flexible, they can adapt and learn almost anything. Retrievers can find things no matter what and Jack Russells are tenacious and will work until the job is complete. DocOrigin is dynamic and flexible. DocOrigin can work with the data you have or retrieve data from other sources and it is reliable, fast and won't stop until the job is done. Integration Without ModificationTM “IWM”, with DocOrigin you don't need to modify your current legacy ERP, MRP, EMR,… software to get your new order acknowledgment or other forms in production. This new software solution includes:

  1. Migration tools that can convert your existing template to the new template in seconds[1] or worse case in a few hours[2].
  2. You can use your existing data[3] without any change orders or modifications to your business software.
  3. The DocOrigin software can retrieve the data you need to make a logical decision for the presentation or delivery method of the order acknowledgment from your business software.
  4. Sort and burst your batch or interactive output based on Omni Channel delivery preference.
  5. Generate your batch output the way you have for years or decades and DocOrigin will dynamically determine the user’s delivery preference(s) and complete your Omni Channel delivery. BCC will continue to optimize your mail and save you the maximum available discounts for postage and processing.
  6. Use the printers you already own or buy the fastest printers in the world. Lasers, Thermal, Inkjet, Multifunction or production inkjet printers. With DocOrigin you get customizable printer drivers that can even be configured to allow you to mix printer models and brands.


Talk to others about their experience

Training dogs can be fun and challenging. If you are a pet owner you have most likely met someone that told you about how smart their dogs are, how easy it was to train them, bragging about the tricks their dogs can do.  When you talk with DocOrigin users you will hear similar stories.  They will tell you how they were concerned about getting a new product because the reliability of their old product was great.  They will tell you they were concerned about performance, training, and implementation.  And then they will tell you they sleep like a new born puppy because DocOrigin exceeded their reliability, performance, and implementation expectations.

For more information talk to your BCC Software representative or call Eclipse.  Give us your most challenging documents, forms or labels and we will show you just how easy learning new tricks can be.

[1] DocOrigin provides migration tools that auto convert templates created by JetForm or Adobe Central, Adobe LiveCyle in seconds. In most cases, only minor manual clean-up will be required. QA and Testing prior to production is required with all new forms.

[2] Templates created by other legacy forms and document software can be migrated quickly using tools provided by DocOrigin. Simply produce a PDF of the existing template being migrated by your legacy forms software and open the PDF in DocOrigin Design.  This will capture the boiler plate of the form into DocOrigin Design. Once in the design software you can edit the template and add the new features.

[3] DocOrigin provides data conversion from all legacy document types; delimited, fixed record length, IBM spool, ASCII Text, Field Nominated (Adobe Central), and Raw XML.