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More News on What You Can Expect in April

The USPS® has published the Federal Register Notice reflecting the changes in the PRC filing we discussed last month.  The Federal Register has added more clarity about what the changes entail, and how they will be executed by the USPS.  Here is a quick digest to get you up to speed.

  • Draft postage statements and prices are posted on Postal Explorer® (http://pe.usps.com/) in the left hand sidebar
    • Take a look and see what you and your customers could expect to budget for postage in 2015
    • These are draft prices and statements – which means they are still subject to change
  • Heavy Letters – Still there, but not really
    • The piece / pound rate for this type of mail is still listed and will appear on the postage statement
    • The pound price is 0.00, effectively eliminating any charges beyond the piece rates
  • FSS is now a sort level, not a price.
    • Sortation-based prices removed for FSS (5DG, 3DG, ADC, MXD)
    • FSS Level Price for barcoded and non-barcoded added
    • DFSS Entry Discounts removed in many cases and replaced with SCF and NDC Price levels for FSS
    • FSS Pricing removed from all carrier route sections
    • Changed lookup – now uses L006 exclusively, and does not use L007
    • Non-palletized mail can be included with FSS
  • dat 15-1
    • Adding new “Roles” to Mail.dat®
      • Specified with CRIDS in the Mail.dat file at the Segment level (Presort level or Batch level in Mail Manager™)
        • Handling Unit Uniqueness Manager CRID
        • Container Uniqueness Manager CRID
      • Specified with CRIDS in the Mail.dat at the Piece Level
        • Move Update Supplier CRID
        • Piece Uniqueness Manager CRID
      • Expected to be used to dispose charges based on errors in the mailing to the correct company
      • Will not be used by PostalOne!® immediately

The USPS continues to make adjustments to the changes they plan to implement in April. We anticipate a final update from them by March 9. BCC Software is continuing to monitor these updates and make associated changes within our software to ensure our clients are fully prepared when the filing goes into effect in April.

April Updates Webinar

We invite you to sign up for a free webinar on March 25 to receive an important update on how these changes will impact you. The webinar will include final details of the filing, their impact on your operations, and a preview look at the upcoming update and associated changes to BCC Mail Manager™. This webinar, hosted by Product Manager Mitch Carpenter, will include time for you to ask your questions about these changes.

Webinar is schedule for March 25th at 2:00PM

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