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PAF Update for NCOALink Users

On September 14, 2015, the USPS sent a notice to all NCOALink Licensees, emphasizing the importance of accepting only physical street addresses on the Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF). This guideline is stated on page 11 of the PAF Guide.

As a result, we are immediately enforcing this rule by refusing any PAFs that contain non-physical address(es). This means PO Box and Private Mailbox (PMB) addresses, provided for any signing party on the PAF, will not be accepted.

Who does this affect? – This policy affects jobs processing under a new or renewal PAF for both NCOALink and MOVEComply users. This includes all hardcopy and ePAF Processing Acknowledgement Forms. Jobs processing under existing PAFs will not be impacted until the PAFs need to be renewed.

BCC Mail Manager Users: When adding or renewing a PAF through the PAF Management and/or Data Services Wizard, be sure to only enter physical street addresses. Any jobs received with a non-physical address will not be processed until they are resent with street address information.

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