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Rooftop Geocoding Is Here

By popular demand, Rooftop Geocoding is now available as part of BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services suite. With the release of BCC Mail Manager™ version, Rooftop Geocoding is available for all Mail Manager and Mail Manager Full Service customers. Previously, Mail Manager’s geocoding feature was only available as part of the ZIP + 4® encoding process and returned the latitude and longitude of the ZIP Code only. That feature is still present, but now, thanks to Data Marketing Services, BCC Software can pinpoint accurate rooftop latitude and longitude coordinates to better suit your demographic needs.

Rooftop Geocoding can drastically enhance your direct mail initiatives and help you build better targeted marketing campaigns by creating profiles of your best customers and identifying where they live in relation to where your product or service is available. Plus, you’ll avoid sending out mail pieces to invalid prospects that will not benefit from your business.

To use Rooftop Geocoding accurately, you need the latitude and longitude fields on your layout in addition to the Geocode Return Code field. As a bonus, Rooftop Geocoding also includes DPV, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® processing at no additional charge. More information on the Return Code values and definitions can be found in the June edition of the Mail Manager/FS User Guide, available on the BCC Software Customer Portal and installed with the software.

After Rooftop Geocoding is performed, it is recommended that the improved LAT/LON values should be copied to another field in the database prior to any additional DMS or CASS processing. This will ensure retention of those values for use after processing is completed.

Rooftop Geocoding payment options include job-by-job invoice, prepaid credits, or a subscription service similar to the one available for NCOALink® processing. A job-by-job invoice does not require an advance purchase, allowing you to use the service immediately.

The service is based on the combined intelligence of multiple sources for the most accurate and precise results. For more information on this new feature, please contact Data Marketing Services at 800-337-0372. For sales information, order prepaid credits, or order a subscription service please contact 800-337-0442.