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BCC Mail Manager Makes EDDM a Snap

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an affordable, targeted advertising service which allows mailers (or their clients) to choose specific ZIP Codes and carrier routes where they feel their marketing material will have the best impact. These types of mailings can be done easily within BCC Mail Manager, the perfect direct mail software with CASS processing.

Simplified mailings are those in which the recipient’s name and address are not printed on the mail piece. Instead, a simplified address such as “Postal Customer”, “Residential Customer” or “Box Holder” is used. Mail pieces must be delivered to every active residential delivery point for a specific city carrier route, rural route, highway contract route; or to all Post Office Box holders.

In five easy steps, you can presort your list:

  1. Create a layout containing the following data types:
    • Delivery Address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP+4
    • Delivery Point
    • Walk Sequence
    • Carrier Route
    • Business/Residential Flag data types
    • An alphanumeric field to identify the number of mail pieces needed for that carrier route
  2. Add one record for each carrier route. Populate all fields, using a ‘1’ for the Walk Sequence field, and an ‘S’ for the Business/Residential flag. Leave the Delivery Point field empty.
  3. Go to Postal > Presort Active List and select the Class of Mail, Piece Type, Mail Stream, and check the ‘ECR’ (‘Use CR’ if the Mail Type is Periodicals) and ‘Use WS’ checkboxes.
  4. From the Mailing Presort Information window, go to Advanced Settings > Preferences and enter the number of pieces in Presort Repeats, or click Expression… to define the layout field that contains the number of pieces.
  5. After presorting the list, print all required documentation from the Presort Summary Printing Menu.

Now that you know that you can presort your data with ease, where do you get your data? How do you find out how many stops there are on a carrier’s route? You can use the USPS EDDM website. On the site you can pick and choose ZIP Codes and carrier routes.

Note: One thing to be aware of is the Post Office Box addresses. On the EDDM site, they are listed as ‘PBOX’, which does not work with BCC Mail Manager. Post Office Boxes have an assigned carrier route and the program needs that for presort.

Another way to create your own lists is by using the USPS AIS Products. For relatively small fee, the USPS sends you everything you need for creating your own simplified/EDDM list, including ZIP Codes and carrier routes. For more information go to https://postalpro.usps.com/address-quality or contact the National Customer Support Center at 1.800.238.3150.

Download the detailed instructions.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please call support at 1.800.624.5234