Want to keep up on postal happenings?

Software Updates: What You Need to Know

With the switch to eFulfillment, more and more customers are beginning to sign up for electronic update notifications. This change has led to many inquiries about the different updates BCC Software provides, and we want our customers to be as informed as possible—know what various updates are provided, what they do, where to get them, and, of course, which ones you may need.

Update notifications are posted to the BCC Customer Forum, which is accessed by logging into the Customer Portal. All customers can see the various forums, which are separated for each product family so that you can easily find the relevant and specific topics you need. By clicking on each forum and then selecting the link in the upper right corner named “Subscribe to this Forum,” any BCC Software customer can sign up for email notifications for posts and updates to that specific thread. Receive the most up-to-date, critical information you need to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve.

Please note: If your email address has changed since you first partnered with BCC Software, you may need to navigate to “Control Panel” in the upper right corner and select “Edit Profile” to update your account email address. If you sign up for notifications, but then fail to receive them, checking this screen is a great place to start your troubleshooting.

What are the updates and where can I find them?

There are six major types of updates for BCC Mail Manager™ and BCC Mail Manager Full Service™. While most other products have fewer types of updates, all generally conform to this same naming scheme.

The first and most important type is the bi-monthly program updates. These notifications will include the month the update is for and state that the UDF and ISO are available. Along with these, there are monthly CASS updates that appear on the odd months for BCC Mail Manager and BCC Mail Manager Full Service customers who subscribe to the monthly data updates. These will also mention the month name, but will specify that the CASS data files are available. Both of these updates are posted to our eFulfillment page on the Customer Portal under My Profile > My Product Downloads.

The second group of updates are the web, table, and DSF2 updates. Web updates are patches to the main programs and will always spell out the exact version number in the notification. Table and DSF2 updates explicitly state the type of update, and in the case of table updates, the dates for these, making them fairly easy to recognize. All of these updates are also posted to the BCC Software Updates Page.

What does each update consist of?

Regular updates include everything new that BCC Software is announcing at the time of release. This includes updating the main program, recent table updates, recent DSF2 updates, and CASS files. The CASS updates only cover that current month’s CASS data and nothing else. Web updates are patches to a main program version, but often also include any table updates released since the last web or main program update. Table updates will only amend the presort tables for your program, while only the Walk Sequence tables are updated with DSF2 updates.

Updates are your key to success

Knowing which updates you need, where to find them, and how to make sure you are notified is key in maintaining and utilizing your software to its fullest potential and avoiding postal issues. The USPS releases new data every month and will expect your mailing and encoding results to conform to the newest data in the case of a discrepancy.

We recommend staying on top of every update that concerns any part of the software you normally use.

As always, please reach out to customer support at 800.634.5234 with any questions or concerns.