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What is TaskMaster, and why should I use it?

Do you find yourself processing the same job more than once? Would you like to free up some of your staff’s time for additional projects? TaskMaster can help you to record individual tasks or whole Mail Manager jobs and set them to play back with little or no operator intervention. Adding TaskMaster to your operation can transform a single-shift mailroom into a 24 x 7 operation, or turn your overloaded staff into a highly organized team ready to take on more work.

Key Features of the TaskMaster option for Mail Manager:

  • Taskmaster’s record/playback function allows the user to record individual tasks or entire jobs to run unattended
  • Create, edit or run jobs outside of Mail Manager’s menu-driven environment using a text editor, a built-in editor or another third-party editor
  • Job-specific variables can be prompted for allowing automation of very complex jobs, or jobs where all details are not known until the last minute
  • Automate data services file processing through the entire process: sending and retrieving files, processing the results, and producing the reports automatically
  • Batch presorting can be saved in a pre-recorded task with TaskMaster. You can also batch print presort documentation

Through June 30, 2015, purchase Taskmaster and receive a certificate for one free seat (a $195 value) in any of our Automation Workshops scheduled for July, August, and October this year! For additional information on TaskMaster, call (800) 337-0442 or email us.

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