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Tech Tip: Get Out from Behind Bars! Solving for Barcode Uniqueness Errors

As Mailer Scorecard assessments come in, one area of concern for some customers is Barcode Uniqueness Errors. Let’s take a closer look at solving for these types of errors:

Problem: The biggest culprit behind this error is barcodes in the Mail.dat .pbc or .pdr files do not match the barcodes on the pieces presented to the BMEU.

Example: BCC Mail Manager assigns barcodes automatically. If a change is made in production, such as mailpiece is heavier or lighter than expected, the job may be re-presorted. When the second pre-sort happens, a second, conflicting set of serial numbers is also created.

Solution: When you re-presort, new serial numbers are assigned and new Mail.dat files will need to be created. It is very important that the barcodes that are uploaded to PostalOne!® are the same as the ones on the pieces that are presented at verification. New presort = new Mail.dat files.

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