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Tech Tip: Unique Barcodes

Avoid ‘Barcode Uniqueness Piece Errors’ and unnecessary scoring issues on your PostalOne! Mailer Scorecard.

Using constant text in the Intelligent Mail® barcode Properties ‘Serial Number’ field is the most common mistake. Many times we will see a single zero or a string of zeroes in the Serial Number field. If you use constant text, BCC Mail Manager does not automatically increment the serial number, causing the serial number to remain the same throughout the entire mailing. Leave the serial number field blank and let BCC Mail Manager control the numbers for you.

Make sure you are using the correct Mailer ID (MID). If your customers have their own Mailer ID, make sure you are using it for the mailing. No matter which Mailer ID you are using, ask yourself:  “Is it a 9-digit Mailer ID or a 6-digit Mailer ID?”  If it’s a 9-digit MID, you can only have 999,999 unique serial numbers available for 45 days. If you’re using a 6-digit Mailer ID, you’ll have 999,999,999 possible serial numbers available during the 45 day period. If you are going to mail more than 1,000,000 pieces within 45 days, you’ll want to contact the USPS to get a 6-Digit Mailer ID, to ensure uniqueness during the 45 days.

Did you know that BCC Mail Manager has a tool to help you manage your Mailer IDs and corresponding serial numbers?  It also has the ability to specify an Alternate Mailer ID, so if you run out of unique serial numbers for one Mailer ID, then the Alternate Mailer ID offset value is used.

The Mailer ID Management tool can be found under Configure > Mailer ID Management from the Main menu, or Presort Summary Printing Menu. When managed at the global level, it has control over all lists, but does not affect serial numbers associated with individual presorts. If adjustments are made post presort, they apply only to the unique presort.Note:  BCC Mail Manager does not split remaining serial numbers if there are not enough for the primary Mailer ID. It uses a contiguous block of serial numbers for each Mailer ID.