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What is web-to-print? In its simplest form, it is the ability to upload a print file or mailing list to a website as a mode of initiating a workflow. The concept is not new, but as the required technologies become more common, the barrier to implement it in small to medium size businesses is breaking down. Some web-to-print workflows allow mail piece customization (by adding graphics, logos, etc.) while others lean more towards a standard mail piece design with the ability to use a specific mailing list and add a personal message. Most users tend to lean towards a fully automated workflow, but there could be manual processing involved as well.

It is no secret that time is money and in today’s modern age, the faster someone can “pull the trigger” on a project, the more likely they are to commit or choose you as their provider. Our Professional Services team has worked directly with our customers, setting up web-to-print integrations with BCC Mail Manager as well as with Print Mail MIS partners such as Monarch and Midnight, creating customized integration points.

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Whether you choose to build your own storefront or leverage a number of external resources, BCC Software can be with you each step of the way.

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