Want to keep up on postal happenings?

We’ve been busy!

In addition to the most recent rate case changes, we have been busy enhancing and refining the BCC Mail Manager software products based on your change requests. Here are a couple of little things you may have missed, but should help improve your productivity:

  • Added a “Finish” button earlier in the Mail.dat Wizard. If you are confident your settings are correct, you can bypass all the extra Wizard screens. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, It will stop on whatever screen needs additional information if the job can’t be finished.
  • Support for mixing 1’ MM trays and EMM trays in the same mailing
    • Allows you to “Opt Into” this preparation to prevent very small EMM trays
    • “Angled Back” option to prevent overfilled trays with tall pieces
  • Configure using saved settings on “Destination Discount Selections” screen
    • Using your defaults is standard
    • You can now “Opt Out” of saving the setting each time to re-set destinations for each new presort
  • Taskmaster support for mailing dates
    • Use default, “TODAY”, or specify specific dates for your mailings
  • Inheritance of Job ID specified at time of presort to automatically flow through to Mail.dat user ID
    • Prevent rekeying and allow job IDs to pass through Mail.dat and paper statements seamlessly

Other things you’d like to see? Email me with your suggestions! mitchc@bccsoftware.com.