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USPS Exigency Rate Case Update

The exigency rate case (ongoing in some form or another from 2010) is set to change again based on legal review. The US Court of appeals ruling lays out the details of the remand.

The specific challenge has to do with how the amount of money to collect overall has been determined. The idea of counting each lost mail-piece only one time has been challenged, offering the PRC to amend how the calculations were made. This points to PRC having the opportunity to significantly increase the number. This does mean that the quick-shot price change we have been expecting when the exigent authority is over will not come as soon as expected, and in truth could be extended for a long period of time.

In short: the court confirmed the exigency case cannot go on forever and ordered the PRC to develop a revised method for determining the amount to collect before the exigency surcharge is removed. BCC Software will keep you up to date on this and any other information we get from the USPS.