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How to save on postage, Part 3

Move to new delivery options Ultimately, the best way to save on postage is to avoid it. While moving customers to paperless options is not always easy or the best strategy, the resistance appears to be waning as younger, more tech-savvy demographics shape the consumer base. Some mail recipients will still prefer to be reminded… Read More

How to save on postage, Part 2

Following on to my last post about saving on postage, this post looks at getting the most of out existing discounts. Get the most out of existing discounts There are many ways for mailers with mid- to high-volume applications to receive a lower postage cost. The postal service rewards mailers with discounts for doing some… Read More

How to save on postage, Part 1

I was recently asked by a colleague to collaborate on a piece that explores some basic ways that mailers can save on postage rates – which eat up about 70 – 75% of a mail center’s operational budget. There are many approaches, but in the next few posts I’ll take a look at a few… Read More