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No postage increase for January 2015!

On October 1, 2014, the USPS® issued the following Industry Alert: “The Governors of the U.S. Postal Service have decided not to seek a price change for mail and shipping products and services in January in part because of the uncertainty regarding the exigent price increase.  This means that the current pricing of postal products… Read More

BCC Software “Charges Up” Graph Expo!

BCC Software was back at Graph Expo talking with hundreds of attendees about how our software and services could charge up their business. We were excited to explore our established products and new features and options with current and future customers alike. Here’s some of what people were talking about in our booth: Data Pre-flight™,… Read More

Origin Confirm is now available through Track n Trace!

You can now track inbound business reply mailpieces with Track N Trace® while utilizing the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™). You can create reports showing when inbound pieces will be arriving and even estimate their value. Use the File Uploads page of the Track N Trace® website to upload a file and begin tracking your inbound… Read More

Suppression services, an important step to data quality

Data quality and suppression services are extremely important to your mailing operation and business. The US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) would have to agree after a mailpiece had unintended consequences. In June 2014, the VA identified 70,000 veterans who had not received medical treatment that they had requested. To correct this mistake, the VA… Read More

Tech Tip: Election Season is coming, be prepared with Mail.dat 14-2

With election season quickly approaching, the Post Office™ has added Election Mail/Political Mailing checkboxes to PS Form 3600 and PS Form 3602. While the postage statements allow for declaring the content, mailers could not indicate that information in the Mail.dat® or Mail.XML output. That has changed with the release of Mail.dat 14-2 and Mail.XML 16.0A.… Read More

We’ll do it for you!

You don’t have to turn away one-time, or infrequent, Packages Services jobs (Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail, Library Mail, Parcel Select, PS Lightweight or Customized Market Mail) if you don’t own the BCC Mail Manager™ Bound Printed Matter or Customized Market Mail options. Professional Services can help you fulfill your customer’s needs. Professional Services will… Read More

Are you ready for USPS Full Service?

Adding a Palletization module to your BCC Mail Manager software could help. Whether you are a basic or full service mailer currently creating courtesy pallets for presentation, or interested in Palletization to simplify delivery, there are many advantages to adding Palletization to BCC Mail Manager: Meet the regulations for pallet presentation described in DMM 705.8.… Read More