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Could direct mail make a comeback?

The cluttered world of electronic communication continues to push value back into the physical mail piece.  Direct mail created with high value can create an experience far beyond messages in the deluge at your inbox each day. Read the full B2C article here.

Updated NCOALink Processing Acknowledgement Forms

Updated NCOALink® Processing Acknowledgement Forms (PAFs) are now available with our new business name, BCC Software LLC. The USPS® has required that we begin using this PAF immediately. We understand the impact this may cause and have a transition period to minimize the disruption this may cause to your business. Until December 31st, we will… Read More

BCC Software charges up DMA with expanded Data Marketing Services

BCC Software had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of printers, mailers, and marketers at the annual DMA conference last month. We heard a common theme in our booth, and as we explored the show floor: companies are looking for a partner to help them maximize their ROI with better data quality. Some examples of… Read More

Mail Entry Road Map

By Jeffery Peoples, CEO & Founder, Window Book, Inc. The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) recently published a guide to help mailers plan for some of the upcoming changes and deadlines with regards to various USPS programs. Called the Mail Entry Road Map, this guide breaks down these various USPS programs and provides details on… Read More

Palletize to control materials – and costs – on your production floor

Trays and sacks, sacks and trays. Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) everywhere, cluttering your shop and operations.  Managing all this – plus moving material from receiving, to warehouse, to production, and eventually out to the USPS is one of the biggest challenges any growing shop experiences.  How do you control the clutter?  How do you control… Read More

Top three overlooked data quality tools that reduce UAA mail

Over four billion pieces of mail each year are destroyed by the USPS due to bad address quality. Make sure your mailpieces don’t end up in the USPS waste bucket. This first thing you need to do is find a software vendor that truly understands address data quality, and has products and services that support… Read More

Modifying ‘Replace Words’ tables

You have the ability to create and use replacement tables with BCC Mail Manager™. Two replacement tables (.rpl) are installed with BCC Mail Manager, and you can build your own. One example of a common use for replacement tables is if your customer sent you a list of addresses where the state name is spelled… Read More