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Beyond NCOA: Driving maximum value from your database

Please join us Thursday, December 4 at 2 PM ET for a free webinar. In this hour-long session, BCC Software’s Director of Product Management, Dylan Purse, will discuss strategies to maintain data quality in your CRM system or master database. This webinar will also cover how to re-engage with customers with whom you may have… Read More

Maximize your mailing intelligence with Track N Trace

The Intelligent Mail® barcode and Track N Trace® allows mailers to improve their mailing intelligence. BCC Software customers have demonstrated some creative ways to leverage this intelligence to improve their mailing and non-mailing business operations. Below are just a few ways that our customers utilize mailpiece visibility.  Proof of mailing Once the USPS® scans the… Read More

Updated PAFs available now

Updated NCOALink® Processing Acknowledgement Forms (PAFs) are now available with our new business name, BCC Software LLC. The USPS® has required that we begin using this PAF immediately. We understand the impact this may cause, and have a transition period to minimize the disruption this may cause to your business. We will continue to accept… Read More

Tech Tip: Getting the most from your ARS Return Job

The purpose of Address Resolution Service (ARS) is to attempt to resolve addresses that cannot be DPV®-confirmed through CASS™ encoding, due to incomplete or incorrect data.  ARS will try to correct both primary and secondary address information, allowing more addresses to be DPV confirmed. Since ARS may need to append or correct delivery address and/or… Read More

Last chance! Pallet sale ends December 31

Palletization modules are available for trays, sacks, or packages. The modules print pallet placards (IM®cb) and allow compliant production of eDocs: Trays– Reduce time spent organizing materials for manual sorts. The mail pieces are printed in pallet order, eliminating all the guess work. Packages– Eliminate transportation and tagging of sacks, reduce labor, free up time… Read More