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BCC Software is Back!

On Monday, June 23, a press release was issued by Bell and Howell and Versa Capital Management, who owns Bell and Howell, announcing the spin-off of BCC Software as a stand-alone company. BCC Software is back! The fact is, BCC Software never left. From its humble beginnings in 1978; through its explosive growth in 1996;… Read More

Data Preflight – Output quality tools that will save time and money

Available for BCC Mail Manager August 1, 2014 for $695 dollars through August 31, 2014. This represents a savings of $300 off of the retail price of $995. (Data Preflight will be included with BCC Mail Manager Full Service at no extra charge.) When you print as part of your services, your customers expect that every… Read More

New Report Portfolio available for TNT

Are you getting the most from your Track N Trace® reports? Track N Trace® can create many different reports about a mailing, in a wide variety of formats. Job Reports are based on calendar day delivery, while Performance Reports are based on business day delivery. The TNT Sample Reports Carousel click-through portfolio allows you to… Read More

What is TaskMaster, and why should I use it?

TaskMaster™ brings high-end automation to any BCC Mail Manager-equipped workflow. This option makes it easy to record individual tasks or whole jobs and set them to play back with little or no operator attention. Adding TaskMaster to your operations can transform a single-shift mailroom into a 24 x 7 operation, or turn your overloaded staff… Read More